Re—tiring Life

Lets face it, getting older now days isn’t as much fun as it used to be and I find it quite inappropriate that it’s harder, much longer and more complicated that ever.  My grandparents just got old enough that the family stepped in made them comfortable and made things easier and that was it.  Today, OhMyGosh!!!  There is so much to take care of, email service, internet, electric power prices, gas, TV providers, car, house and health ins. plus the supplement of medical & pharmacy, phone & cell services, in addition to the everyday things like groceries, cleaning, laundry and the like.  I just don’t know anymore and yet I know more about what I don’t want to than the things I want to know about.  I didn’t want to be educated about pixels, mega bites, waves, digital, mega hertz, internet clouds, spam, viruses, Trojans, worm holes, well lets put it this way I used to know what some of these things were until all the electronic age and now the words have a totally different meaning.  It’s like learning another language.  I remember when a mouse used to some little furry critter that scurried around dark cornors of your house, a Trojan was a condom, a cloud was a formation in the sky, worm holes were made by real worm in the dirt, and spam was something you ate.  I remember when everyone paid the same for gas no matter where you were at, electricity was always the same price, when there were just a few health ins. companies all pretty much the same, and when you had a home phone with ATT.   I swear if  I have to compare one more price for something other than food I’ll literally crawl into a hole in the ground and give up.  I don’t know about everyone else but life is getting so darn difficult.  Every 3-6 mos. we all have to get the latest deal on our cell, internet, TV, electric, and ins. service.  And let’s face it they got you coming & going.  Why did we put ourselves in this situation anyway?  Is it really progress?  Are we really getting more done?  Seriously aren’t we just taking the time we used to spend hanging clothes on the line & spending it on the computer or the cell phone now.  The exchange of time from a more laborious chore to a more impassive one dares to ask the question are we really getting more done?  Is there more accomplishment?  Really, think of how much actual time you spent loading your new cell phone with all your stuff, or the last time you bought a new computer and the time it took to get it set up, all the time since adding stuff, deleting, and protecting the info.  I just spent 3 hrs. changing internet providers, well I lied, first there was the 10 hrs on the phone of comparing rates & services, then a couple of hrs. assessing exactly what I had to organize so I wouldn’t loose my paperless files.  Once the transfer was done about an hr, I spent 3 hrs. transferring all my email, email addresses, making notifications, and clearing out my saved emails.  I could have written several notes in that same time period and had half house packed in that time if I were moving.  Needless to say I’m exhausted from all the mental work, the waiting for the services to show up and the stress of what did I forget to do that I’ll never know that I didn’t do until it’s far to late. I’m thinking a log cabin in the woods without phone, internet, TV with just mail service would be great.  So have a great time all you middle aged (30-50’s) thinking of and planning retirement.  Remember to plan time for these newer lessons of a more advanced age.  Plan for more complications and forget about the simpler life it doesn’t exist anymore.   

By aliceapropos