Okay, let’s get it out there, women fighting in the front lines.  Why the question?  Would this same question be put to any male?  I’m not going to liked for my opinion but GIVE WOMEN THE SAME CHOICES A MAN HAS.  PERIOD.  Why is it the more modern, more advanced, more sophisticated, the more learned and intelligent, so to speak, that we fall into the middle ages.  If fact when you read history women fought along side of their men in the middle ages.  They defended their children as well as their men, took care of the wounded as well as their sustenance, and helped make the a weapons.  They weren’t asked what they wanted to do then, just told what to do.  Now of all things men want to rule women more that ever, freedom of choice is still being taken from our women.  When will it stop.  It’s just as bad as prejudice.  The point is that women should have the right to CHOOSE whatever endeavor they want.  Women are intelligent, wise, knowledgeable enough to make their own choices, have kids or not, work in whatever field they want, fight the enemy or not, PERIOD.  Men have been the dictators or women in all races since the beginning of time and it seems they have to be start seeing women as equals, as human beings and as people with all sorts of intelligence, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, desires and most of all possessing the common sense to be able to make life choices that suit themselves.  If a woman decides she can carry a weapon and use it as well as any man when she needs to more power to her.  Men need to stop taking powers from women and women need to allow women unlike themselves to make their own choices.  So there I’ve said it.  I grew up in the fifties, women didn’t have all of the opportunities then as now,  women have come a long way but now I see hurdles being put out there just as women start getting more power to choose.  I for the life of me understand the reasoning behind the assumed authority by men to continually put women down, make laws against them, deny them the choices they have.  It’s Hippocracy in the highest form.  Men start living appropriately.

By aliceapropos

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