Cell Phone Useage

You know I’m of an age where I remember as well as many others what it was like without these little pieces of communication, and for what it’s worth I see the value of them; however, I recognize that they also come with a lot of unwanted interference, disruptions, non-communication, verbal abuse, dangers, and quite considerably a loss of freedom.  Now let’s be clear because of the dangers of not having one in the case of an emergency, car trouble, accidents, health reasons etc. I have one of those little gadgets, have had (starting with the car phone) since 1993.  My problem as with others is how they have become more than just a tool, as they were meant to be used, that disrupts every situation imaginable,  like business meetings, theaters, going out to eat, family time, just walking down town or in the mall or even sitting or driving your car.  Just as we didn’t get an instruction on how to be a parent, well maybe some of us did, we didn’t get instructions on when it was appropriate, when, where and why, to use these what has become the cutest, most magnificent devices that no one in their wrong mind can leave them alone.  I for one have always thought of a phone as a tool that mostly, unless I “needed” to use it, an intrusion of my time in my home,except at work a to earn a living.  You see what’s brought this on is the witnessing of a family out to eat over the holidays, and I’ve seen it before, of a group of mixed age people there were 9, I think relatives, and over half sat the entire hour and a half on their cell phones, a few talking the others playing games or texting even to one another.  Here’s my rules of cell phone.  In public areas go to an isolated area away from others, don’t use and drive-pull over(it only takes a second) or let it go to voice mail and respond later, don’t yell on the phone or use profanity( unless you’re all alone or at home).  Now the heartbreaking reason for all this is that the adults are so enamored with the little smart thing that they are not teaching the younger people in their lives that there’s a time and place for this.  They are loosing valuable communication with their kids.  The kids on the other hand are spending so much time on them they are loosing the ability to interact properly with each other.  I’m glad to see that PC time has dwindled a bit but we know just what it’s being replaced with.  I’m a firm believer that quality time means spending one on one with kids, talking, playing board games, horsing around outside( a park, beach, woods or empty lot).  The cell phone is creating a huge dynamic in the family unit let alone that of the work place and public.  I get really annoyed hearing someone yell on their phone on the street, a restaurant from another car while driving( that’s a whole other topic).  The behavior doesn’t translate well for being competent adults.  I’d like to see an appropriate use of the cell phone 

By aliceapropos

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